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2 March 2023 in Latest news

Alumni Success

Today we were honoured to have a visit from two successful Lammas alumni pupils! De'qwan and Cavalli, who are now professional basketball players here in the UK and abroad, dropped…
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1 March 2023 in Latest news

Year 10 trip to Tate Britain

All pupils had a fantastic time looking at the Lynette Boakye exhibition. Students engaged with works from the permanent collection and made some fantastic recordings in their sketchbooks. Well done…
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26 February 2023 in Latest news

Sports Stars – Basketball and Netball

February has been a fantastic month for basketball and netball teams across the school. Our year 8 boys' basketball team performed excellently against Norlington - cementing their position at top…
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The GST Curriculum

The Griffin Schools Trust (GST) is a family of primary and secondary schools in the Midlands and the South East of England. We are committed to providing an outstanding independent-style education for all students, predicated on breadth and excellence. All schools provide a rich programme of free extra-curricular activities, create an involving and stimulating physical environment and build a staff team of interesting people who are motivated to advance their own knowledge and skills as well as their pupils’ achievement.

GST schools do not teach young people to know their place, but rather to discover their talents and passions and to take their places in society, making a difference through leadership and service wherever their futures may take them.


The Year 10 Curriculum at The Lammas School

Year 10 is the first of the critical two year Key Stage 4. Key Stage 4 builds on the basic subject knowledge and application developed across the separate subjects in Key Stage 3. In Key Stage 4, students will be exposed to a more in depth, mature and sophisticated study of their chosen GCSE subjects. The specialist vocabulary required for each subject, the increasing challenge of the concepts, the expectation in terms of homework and revision require a more focused mindset and attitude to learning. Students will both be working towards their GCSE assessments and of course, preparing for Key Stage 5 choices and beyond.

Subjects at Key Stage 4 are separated into two categories: Core and Optional.

  • Core subjects are compulsory and will be studied by all students. Students may study more than one core subject depending on their chosen pathway. This is largely based on their Key Stage 3 results, but it also affected by their progress through year 10.
  • Students have chosen optional subjects. The majority of students study three optional subjects and some study four. Again, this is largely dependent on their Key Stage 3 results.



Subjects available to study at Key Stage 4:

  • Citizenship
  • Computer Science
  • Drama
  • English
  • French
  • Geography
  • History
  • Mathematics
  • Music
  • Pastoral
  • Physical Education
  • Religious Studies
  • Science
  • Sociology
  • Spanish

To find out more about The Lammas School Curriculum please ask to speak to the school’s curriculum lead via the main office.

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