The school is committed to the vital contribution all governors and staff can make to safeguarding children. We will strive to make sure that every student in the school feels secure, well cared for, and able to reach their full potential.


We will ensure all our own staff, other professionals, parents/carers and students work together to know the rules about keeping children safe. They will understand the importance of following procedures and listening to each other, especially when there are concerns about safety.

The school will work hard to reduce all the kinds of harm that children can suffer, including abuse, bullying, discrimination and avoidable injuries. If you have any concerns at all about the safety or welfare of a child please do not hesitate to contact us.

The Safeguarding Team

Designated Safeguarding Lead
Sarah Sawtell

Deputy Safeguarding Leads

Mark Bland
Amit Kalley
Carla Kenny
Carolina Belmonte
Rhianne Pawley
Ronald Pillay

If contact with the Head or Safeguarding Officers cannot be made, reports can be made to the Griffin Schools Trust Chief Executive Officer, Anne Powell:

A whistleblowing helpline is available from the NSPCC: 0800 028 02825.

Keeping children safe online

We use the PSHE and assembly programme to deliver comprehensive guidance and advice to our students about how to keep themselves safe online.

In addition, we will invite external expert guest speakers to offer workshops and presentations to further support students in understanding how to protect themselves.

We also are extending this training and guidance to our parents, offering training and guidance on information evenings, written communications, Parent Forum Meetings, and through our school website.


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