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Celebrating the Tapestry of Our School Community on Founders Day!

By 1 March 2024March 14th, 2024No Comments

Today all schools within the Griffin Schools Trust celebrated Founders Day. The day was marked by a series of engaging activities that brought the whole community together to celebrate our shared founding vision of Proud Traditions, Wide Horizons and High Achievement.

In celebration of cultural richness and unity, The Lammas School proudly observed its inaugural Diversity Day as a highlight of the annual Founders Day festivities. In a colourful display, students enthusiastically embraced the opportunity to honour their diverse heritages, adorning themselves in traditional attire and waving flags representing their respective countries.

The spirit of diversity was not only evident in the vibrant displays of cultural pride but also the lunch menu. Students and staff savoured dishes from around the world, including tantalizing chicken wings with rice and peas, flavoursome chicken curry, classic fish and chips, creamy risotto with garlic bread, and zesty Mexican fajitas.

Today’s festivities highlight our commitment to fostering an inclusive environment where every student feels a sense of belonging. Diversity Day serves as a reminder of the beauty found in our differences and the strength derived from embracing them.

As the inaugural Diversity Day came to a close, the atmosphere buzzed, leaving a lasting impression on all who participated. With plans to make Diversity Day an annual tradition, The Lammas School remains dedicated to promoting inclusivity and celebrating the rich tapestry of cultures that enrich our school community.