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Year 11 Visit the Tate Modern

By 16 December 2023January 11th, 2024No Comments
Our Year 11 Art and Design students went on an exciting, and strongly anticipated, trip to the Tate Modern.
They had a creative time exploring the gallery’s permanent displays, as well as two temporary exhibitions: ‘Capturing the Moment‘  and the Hyundai Commission ‘El Anatsui: Behind The Red Moon‘. The former explores the relationship between the brush and the lens, and how artists have turned to painting and photography to capture moments in time, and the latter explores elemental forces interwoven with human histories of power, oppression, dispersion and survival.
The trip was also an opportunity to practise photography around St Paul’s Cathedral and en route to the gallery. Students took photos, did sketches and explored ever surprising world of modern art.

Student Feedback:

“I have enjoyed this trip due to the many new artworks I saw. It was very inspiring and it helped me to expand my knowledge about art in general.”

“It was very fun! There were many different types of art, paintings, sculptures, physical pieces, and whole room pieces. I enjoyed it a lot! The place was very big and the architecture was nice.”