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London Schools’ Climate Kick-Start

By 3 November 2023November 9th, 2023No Comments

Today Year 10 students attended a Green Careers Fair at London Stadium, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

Students engaged in a series of events, from workshops with the BBC, a rather futuristic careers fair, a tour of the stadium, as well as trying out electric cars!

What is a ‘green career’?

The Green Jobs Taskforce defines a green career as ‘activity that contributes to the achievement of the UK’s net zero emissions target and other environmental goals, such as nature restoration and mitigation against climate risks.’ This includes:

  • Making homes and buildings more energy efficient
  • Low carbon transport
  • Renewable power systems
  • Industrial decarbonisation, hydrogen and carbon capture and storage
  • Green finance
  • Climate change research and development
  • Climate change strategy, policy and monitoring
  • Climate adaptation, including flood defences
  • Reducing localised pollution, including air pollution

Why are green careers important?

  • Green jobs and skills are integral to help tackle inequality by providing higher-skilled, better-paid work that many families in London need to make ends meet, as well as driving inclusive growth and tackling underlying inequalities.
  • London’s green jobs skills-gap is projected to be significant. To meet it, employers will need to attract half of all education leavers with potentially relevant skills, which represents a ten-times increase on current levels.
  • A teenager now is likely to be starting a career in the next decade. Choosing a green career such as the production of renewable energy, making homes more energy efficient, working in green finance or electric transport will all help move away from our reliance on fossil fuels.