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Lammas Election

By 4 July 2024July 8th, 2024No Comments

Today The Lammas School held a spirited mock election that saw enthusiastic participation from students. Despite eager students clamouring to exercise their democratic rights, the J11 Citizenship boys worked tirelessly to uphold strict electoral processes.

Once the voting had closed the ballot boxes were then moved to the Head’s Office, where the vote counting was conducted under the watchful eyes of appointed witnesses to guarantee transparency and accuracy.

After a thorough count, the results are in: The Lammas School has gone Green!

This mock election has not only provided an engaging educational experience but also highlighted the students’ commitment to environmental issues and sustainable practices.

Congratulations to all participants, and a special thank you to the J11 Citizenship boys for their dedication to ensuring a fair and orderly election process. The Lammas School’s new Green constituency marks an exciting step towards fostering greater environmental awareness and responsibility within the school community.