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Hamlet Production Secures Shakespeare Silver School Award

By 24 April 2023No Comments
On the 6th and 8th of May our talented crew took their phenomenal production of Hamlet on stage at The Kenneth More Theatre, receiving the below appraisal from the critics:
“It was delightful to see this company, comprising of Years 7 to 11, working together with such supportive and unified focus. Across the year groups they became a true and tight-knit ensemble. Their energy, commitment and ownership invested the story with pace, and kept the audience on the edge of their seats. Over the course of two performances the company developed their show – it was so impressive how they moved it up a notch on their second night.
From the outset, as the sound of a heavy clanging door slamming shut echoed over the stage, we knew that this was going to be an imposing world. These characters had been locked away in an asylum, and there was nowhere to escape. The claustrophobic and institutional atmosphere was further created by the orange uniforms as costumes. It soon transpired that this Hamlet had a split personality, with two actors playing the troubled teenager. This illuminated the language, especially in the soliloquies, which showed Hamlet exploring thoughts as a debate. Multi-roling was taken further with double Ophelias and a chilling, four-person ghost, in a veil that was eerily lit by torches. The theatricality of the story was highlighted in the play scene with heightened movement, exaggerated crowns and comedic music. The soundtrack throughout was exciting and evocative – it was such a creative touch to bookend the show with Hamlet beautifully singing lines from “Bohemian Rhapsody.” The company made the language active with their intentions and thought changes. Well done for a heightened, lyrical and theatrical production of Hamlet.”